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The fever has Sprung

I have Friday Afternoon Spring Fever in such a bad way.

I made the terrible mistake of going outside during lunch.  Which was quite lovely, ate my lunch in the park and played on the swingset.  :)

However, ever since then I have wanted to be frolicking outside.  *sigh*  I guess my frolicking will have to wait until tomorrow when I'm outside doing yard work.  Which yard work isn't really frolicking, but it is outside.  :)


I am extremely excited because the man who mows our lawn said he would trim the bushes which probably haven't seen a blade in 2 - 3 years at least.  It looks so much better, and they guy is only charging me $15 for trimming around 10 bushes.  

I am extremely glad I don't have to do it.  I'm going to prune the rhodedendron and azelea myself but that's not nearly as crazy a job.  Yippieeee!!!

Doing the happy dance!

Assaulted by small child

I am prefacing this with the fact that I like children.  Most of the time they are cute and quite amusing.  But, I do have to say that I really think a child that is old enough to walk and to talk to people should have at least a basic teaching of manners.

I say this because I was assaulted by a young child in JoAnn's today.  Now, the child was nice, but really, really overly friendly.  I was in the middle of a conversation with a sales associate when this child comes over to show me this toy cow he had.  (I have never had an encounter with this child nor even made eye contact.  I apparantly have the "come hither and play with me" look for small children).  So, in the middle of my conversation, this child shoves himself in between us and shoves the toy into my chest and starts chanting "a cow, look at the cow!".

I was a bit bewildered that the fact that this child who was a complete stranger to me was completely "up in my face".  I just nodded at the child and went about the conversation with the sales lady.  

Now, the mother was standing right there and all she said to the child was, "Hun, she's talking to someone right now".  There was no pulling the child away from me.  No appologizing to me.  There wasn't even a discussion, "don't interrupt adults while they are talking" or "don't talk to strangers".

I ended up turning and walking away with the sales associate to try to find the item I was looking for.  It was just a very odd experience.  I'm used to small children talking to me or showing me things but not quite as demanding and physical as this child was.

I'm fairly patient with children so I was OK.  But not everyone would be.  Not everyone likes children, especially when they are acting in that way and with that much physical contact.  You might have someone who will yell at the child or will push them away.  Or worse, in this day and age, it's not the best to have your child be overly friendly with people who are complete strangers.  

Anyways...I thought I'd share.


I am also making some decent progress on my garb for coronation.  I still do have a couple weekends to work on the garb as well as during the week so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Well, I am quite tired now, so I'm going to go to sleep.  I'm glad it has been a productive week so far.

Much done...but still lots to do

I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend.  My tunica is nearly finished.  I just need to hem the neckline and attach the trim for the clavii.  All of the seams have been protected and its sleeves and bottom is hemmed.  My dalmatica is almost constructed.  I just need to sew the side seams together and then start protecting the seams.

And then, the fun part...  I am going to be embroidering the neck collar of the dalmatica and the cuffs of the tunica so I need to now plan that design and start working on that because that will take a while to complete.

I also need to figure out what I am doing for a belt.  None of my current belts will really work very well.  I'll have to think about that, I may need to make one if I have time.  :)

I also got some garden supplies.  I think I am going to try to have a small garden.  I usually kill plants, but maybe since this will be outside, they may have a bit more of a chance.  However, I am starting the seeds inside.  God help the poor little plants.  I have two black thumbs.  

I also need to get out and start cutting back some of the bush's this week since they are looking really out of control.  I may try to do that some this week if the weather is nice.  

Oak article

I'm feeling pretty accomplished.  I was contacted today about submitting an article for the Oak, probably because about a month or so ago I said I'd do one on bread.  And then my article ended up turning into 35 pages.  A bit long for an Oak article.  :)
However, I do think that I'm going to refine it a bit more and do a Complete Anachronist on Bread.

Anyways, I was able to crank out an exerpt from my paper on spice bread and I submitted that draft for her review.  So, we'll see.  But, I got that accomplished tonight.  It wasn't too bad since I already had the research done, it was just compiling it in what seems to be a rational article.  Well, at least it made sense to me.  :)

I have all of my stuff ready to go for the garb workshop tomorrow.  Very excited.  Hopefully I can get lots done.  I have some handsewing to do, embroidery to plan out and start and my dalmatica to cut out.  I don't bring my sewing machine anywhere because it is attached to my sewing table and it is a PAIN in my posterior to remove and put back. 

I now need to go and put a fresh coat of dye on my hair.  Gotta look fully red-headed for St. Patricks day.  Because I'm pretty sure I have some Irish in me somewhere.  I should have a pin that says, "Kiss me, I'm 1/35th Irish".  :)


Whine and Cheese

Ok, whining over.

I now have my tunica cut out.  Yippieee!!!  And it will get mostly sewn together tonight.  I have also decided to not make my Dalmatica out of silk.  1) I don't have any silk on hand and 2) I don't need to spend the money on silk since I've already purchased linen for the tunic and I'll need to get trim as well.
So, I have decided to do the Dalmatica out of linen, which was a fabric the Byzantine's used as well and I have some on hand.  Actually, I had more than I thought, which was a pleasant surprise.  So, I'm going to make it out of this funky green color.  It almost looks peacock-green since the warp threads are blue.  Anyways...now, for trim decisions...

And, now...for the cheese...


Byzantine Dress

Here is a link to a much better and closer shot of that mosaic.


From this picture it looks much more like a tightly fitted sleeve is under the white.  One of those moments where you wish you could zip back in time, say, "excuse me, can I look at your sleeves" and zip back.  *sigh*

Mar. 13th, 2007

Stupid LJ just ate my post.  Grrrrrr.....

So, I'll type it again.

It has been very slow at work.  There are only 9 people here out of 20 and only 2 of those are Project Managers (who are the ones who give me work to do).  So, been a bit bored today.

I did get my fabric delivered today.  Very exciting!  So, I get to go home and wash it tonight and maybe start cutting and sewing tomorrow.  :)

Also, have a garb question for anyone who is listening and might be knowledgeable about such things.  I have a link to the picture of the mosaic in question below.  I am trying to decide if the white tunic sleeves
A) are really long, and closely fitted and decorated at the forearm and extra sleeve is just sort of bloused behind the fitted portion or
B) stop at mid-forearm and another tightly-fitted, decorated sleeve pokes out beneath it.
I'm thinking that it is probably A but I'm not that garb gifted.

On another topic, I was extremely happy with my PTA Thrift Shop purchase this weekend.  Since I have been losing weight I've been trying to swing by thrift stores because I don't have the $$$ to puchase all new clothes for every size I'm going down, so I'll buy used.  :)
Anyways, I bought a blue wool skirt and a black linen dress and a book for a total of $2.25.  I was pretty happy.  I will also probably use the blue wool for a bodice or something after I am too small for the skirt.  :)

Well, I'm off to lunch.  Well, to work out and then grab lunch.  :)



This weekend seemed pretty productive.  I got laundry done, did some vacuuming, my living room no longer looks like the string monster exploded in it.  Yippiee!!!

I got to Chapel Hill and went to Mariakakis, which is a very cool grocery.  Lots of nifty stuff.  Must keep in mind for SCA cooking purposes.  Had decent prices on rose water, interesting spices.  And they had Kinder eggs.  Not SCA, but fun!
Got the mastic for my Byzantine Bread and I picked up some orange blossom water (very nice to spray on hair after shower).

*side note: I tried the mastic and it is not as scary as I thought it was going to be.  It still tastes "different" but not like turpentine.  Very glad about that.  It tastes very evergreen, which makes sense considering it's resin from an evergreen plant.

Had lots of fun at the baby shower.  So glad Irmgart got loads of goodies!  And then afterwards, I was able to chase down James in Raleigh and we went to Kanki.  Mmmmmm...Japanese habachi.....extremely good scallops (I think I had some sort of experience there in the restaurant).

Sunday I tried out my Byzantine bread recipe.  It seems pretty good.  I'm trying to decide if I like the spice level or if I want to drop it down a little bit.  I'm going to bring a loaf to the Tuesday meeting and get other peoples input. :)

I also made it out to the Textile library to look up some Byzantine clothing sources.  There were some but nothing spectacular.  There was a whole book on Byzantine clothing but it was very disappointing.  Grrrrr....I wish publishers would just pay for larger, color photos.  It would make it much easier.  Anyways...I need to just take a look at some Byzantine art books, it will probably work the best.  

I have my tunic pattern all ready to go and hopefully my fabric will be delivered tomorrow so I can get started on that.  Yippiee!!!  Also need to get trim and possibly new fabric for outer tunic.

It looks like I'll have a busy month getting ready for Coronation but it should be fun!  :)