ladyhelwynn (ladyhelwynn) wrote,

Be very afraid...

I am extremely frightened by the upcoming Showtime series on Henry VIII.

Here are some choice exerpts from the CNN article about the show:

"Henry VIII is coming back to the throne. And this time, he's bloody gorgeous."

"Rhys Meyers defends the copious flesh and bumping 'n' grinding in "The Tudors" as on the mark. 'These people had an awful lot of sex, more sex than we have today,' said Rhys Meyers....'Once the sun goes down there's very little to do in the Tudor kingdom. There's no TVs, no iPods, no nightclubs, no motor cars, no bowling alleys,' he said. 'So you either read, talk, laugh, drink, sing -- or shag the devil out of each other!'"

"In other words, he's [the actor playing Henry] nothing like the pale, square-headed fattie in the famed Hans Holbein portraits."

"The first two hourlong episodes suffer from the clunky dialogue typical of historical epics, as characters are obliged to announce obvious bits of background to each other for the viewers' benefit."


For the whole article:

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